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Cadillac Telehealth on Craig’s List Prices

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Darren Dworkin Predicts Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Health IT

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Cedars Sinai Accelerator and Prioritizing Innovation in Crisis

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What is Behavioral Economics

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I’d like to share the idea of collaborating and innovating with your local universities. We have done that with Rochester Institute of Technology and Xerox. So the three of us got together to modify what is known as the Go Vent. It’s a portable vent used in emergency situations. We are going to improve it and increase production using RIT’s design capabilities and Xerox’s manufacturing capabilities.
Tony Alongi, Rochester Regional Health
Everything changed during COVID. For me personally, you get to a place in the organization where your role is primarily that of a consultant. You're providing experience and knowledge and helping people with decisions. We had to take fast action. We had operational impact, clinical impact and technological impact. I rediscovered the operator inside of me.
Marty Paslick, HCA Healthcare
At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what room I'm in because we all put our pants on the same way, which is one leg at a time. So if I set my audience that way, it forces me to say we are all equal. We might not look alike but we are human first and that’s given me the confidence to say it doesn't matter who you are.
Myra Davis, Texas Children's Hospital

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