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The Journey from Scientist to Entrepreneur

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Why is Healthcare a Decade Behind in Cloud

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The Art and Science around the Patient Room of the Future

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Building a Strategy Around Security Architecture in Healthcare

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It takes many, many years for modern digital practice to be folded into clinician training. You would think that they're learning all the digital tools. Remote patient monitoring and virtual care, but they're not. When my wife was picking her dissertation, I said pick virtual care, pick digital medicine, because that is the future.
Ed Marx, The HCI Group
BJ Moore
Moving to the cloud has been a gift. It’s kind of like the house you lived in for 30 years. You thought you needed all the things in the attic and garage, until you moved. Then you decided you didn't really need that stuff. At Providence we’re retiring 50 to 60% of the applications. Determining what can be consolidated or archived. And we've now moved out of 2 of our 6 data centers.
BJ Moore, Providence
At Rubrik our philosophy is one of security and resiliency at the point of data using whatever methodology is most logical for that implementation. It’s a key foundational piece of our design philosophy and a big thing that brings a lot of value to our customers.
Bill Gurling, Rubrik

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