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We are coming from a completely customized EHR and that's not a reflection of the vendor. That is truly just us as an organization. Over 20 plus years we've used the technology and customized it. I think the biggest challenge is going to be getting away from customization in general and having to adapt workflows and things we do as an organization to match what is recommended in the software.

Andrew Cooper, NCH Healthcare System

When you think of the holistic environment of medical devices and basically all of the devices operating over a hospital network, it gets really challenging to have both visibility into the performance AND security. For instance, can these devices connect to the applications they're trying to access? And hopefully your MRI machines are not talking to servers in Russia.

Anand Srinivas, VMware

There are lots of stories that I could talk about of moments where players had to say no to themselves and yes to the “we”, the collective, and it was beautiful.

Reid Priddy, 4 times Volleyball Olympian

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