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Drex DeFord
Forget space force, let's take that money and that initiative and put it into a cyber defense force for the United States. Because I think creating the situations where you leave a lot of small organizations and small hospitals, especially in healthcare to fend for themselves when it comes to cyber security, just isn't good for the ecosystem.
Drex DeFord, Drexio
Matt Fornito Trace3 This Week in Health IT
At the end of the day, or at the end of this light in the tunnel, what we want to do is ultimately stop treating the disease and treat the patient holistically. And if we can do that using augmentation through AI, we should be able to reduce costs, reduce the number of treatments and other associations for diagnosis and get a patient in and out the door, faster and happier.
Matt Fornito, Trace3
Varun Anand, MphRx This Week in Health IT
It’s important to be agile in terms of making modifications, making changes and adapting to new workflows on the fly.
Varun Anand, MphRx

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