A Team Approach to Health IT from Baptist Health KY


Bill Russell / Tricia Julian / Brett Oliver MD

How well does your CIO/CMIO and CISO work together?

Our guests on the show today are Tricia Julian CIO and Dr. Brett Oliver the CMIO for Baptist Health KY.  They demonstrate the ability of a great team to handle the ever-increasing demands of Health IT for a thriving system.  Hope you enjoy.

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January 31, 2020: Coronavirus preparedness is the name of the game in healthcare right now and for this quick episode, we are joined by Dr. Brett Oliver from Baptist Health to hear about how they are providing for their community and employees during these trying times. Dr. Oliver stresses their role as a source of trusted information that is so needed at this point and explains the measures that are being taken at Baptist Health in order to keep safe social distancing and put their personnel at least risk. He also comments on how coronavirus can stretch healthcare systems and ways to keep up with the regular amounts of patients and cases that are present on top of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stretched healthcare facilities are one of the biggest threats we are currently facing and managing these concerns remains a priority for many involved. From there we turn to the use of health technology, commenting on e-visits and remote patient monitoring. Dr. Oliver shares his thoughts on chatbots and messaging with patients and inquiries before finishing off offering some ideas on remote work and managing limitations of infrastructure and facilities. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Ways in which Baptist Health is providing for the community with trusted information. 
  • Measures for minimizing contact and protecting those on the frontlines. 
  • Keeping up with normal workloads of sickness and injury on top of coronavirus. 
  • Measures at Baptist Health in the technology sphere; e-visits and remote patient monitoring. 
  • Communication with community; on hold messaging, reminders and chatbots. 
  • Remote work at Baptist Health and the role of the infrastructure team in setting this up. 
  • Dr. Oliver’s recommendations to other health systems in process of preparation.