An argument for Return to the Office
Today in Health IT with Bill Russell
September 1, 2021 – Episode #171

What is the best work environment for your health system? How would I know, ask your staff?

Oh and by the way, the author of this article and the 1,000 other posts I see on social media can’t tell you the right answer to that question either. 


A few firms, most notably Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, have recently moved to return their employees to the office full-time. Their stated reasons are that face-to-face interactions are better for collaboration and that employees are less productive at home.

Companies that take this route could become the next Yahoo, which received a media roasting in 2013 after famously banning working from home and then quietly relenting.

A big challenge for firms that want a full-time return to the office is the extraordinary tightness of labor markets. Hiring and retention are incredibly hard. Talented workers can collect multiple offers if they want to switch jobs.


Think about these statements.

“A big challenge is a tight labor market”, in IT it has been tight for the last 20 years. “Hiring and retention are really hard…” You don’t say. “Talented workers can collect multiple offers if they want to switch jobs.” When is this not true.

The best answer for your health system, your community isn’t found in this article, this post or social media. It is found at your health system, in your community and in conversation with your staff. Look there for answers.


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