Behavioral Economics


Bill Russell / Karen Horgan

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September 30, 2020: For all the technologies that the healthcare industry is rolling out, behavioral economics is at the forefront. What are the behaviors you need someone to be doing? What are the top mistakes health systems make? Karen Horgan, CEO of VAL Health outlines the essential tools required to successfully apply change. How do you make the right path? The easy path? Is the behavioral pattern around awareness? Is it around obstacles? What about framing? We know that words matter. How do you use common language and personalization to make a much bigger impact? How can we bring in the social proof and nudges to get patients going for the greater good of the healthcare community?

Key Points:

  • Humans are irrational and biased [00:03:05] 
  • To encourage people to take the COVID-19 vaccine you need to have local presence and campaign [00:09:15] 
  • Provider behavior change and patient behavior change [00:13:56] 
  • How does social media drive behavior? [00:16:31] 
  • Automated hovering [00:17:50] 
  • If people pay money for tools, e.g. FitBit, are they more prone to use them? [00:19:00] 
  • AB testing [00:20:45]