Bill Gurling

Principal Architect


Bill Gurling is the Principal Architect at Rubrik, Inc. Self starter and leader who likes taking on new challenges and learning new technologies. Love the IT community and try to give back to it, as it has given me so much. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to collaborate on a problem or just talk about something new and interesting.

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How Rubrik Cloud is Protecting Your System from a Ransomware Attack

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How Rubrik is Using Its Origins to Change Cloud Management

Rubrik can detect anomalous behavior. When we think we see ransomware we alert the end user and then essentially provide through our SAS control plane the ability to identify the blast radius. So what’s been affected and the ability to identify the last known good point in time. And then we hand them a workflow where they can begin rolling back or recovering.
At Rubrik our philosophy is one of security and resiliency at the point of data using whatever methodology is most logical for that implementation. It’s a key foundational piece of our design philosophy and a big thing that brings a lot of value to our customers.

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