Bill Russell Parses Healthcare Predictions for 2020

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Are any of these predictions for healthcare really going to happen in 2020?  It’s Tuesday News Day and today we parse the vast ocean of predictions.


Bill Russell Parses Healthcare Predictions for 2020.


Episode 172: Show Notes.


With 2020 already here, we are using this episode to go through some of the predictions that have been made about healthcare for the year ahead. Bill has selected 10 different predictions from a range of articles and commentaries to discuss and he breaks them down, weighing in with his thoughts on each. At the end he drops in a few of his own and considers the next 12 months in the health field in general. The breakdown includes predictions around AI and machine learning, 5G, data stores and the American healthcare system. Bill also talks about energy efficiency, voice technology and mergers and acquisitions in the space. For all this, make sure to tune in and we look forward to another year of sharing great content with you!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Looking back briefly over the important stories of 2019. 
  • Energy efficiency and healthcare centers that are more green. 
  • The rise of telehealth and a return to a home-based care models and house calls.  
  • Assessing the impact that 5G might have in the near future. 
  • The administrative capabilities of AI and machine learning for management. 
  • Utilizing the data stores in healthcare for analytics and intelligence. 
  • The unquestionable position of voice technology in the coming year.  
  • Free healthcare for all Americans — Is it a viable option? 
  • Self-funded employers’ increasing role in risk and care management.
  • The accelerated merging of social and medical care through value-based care.
  • Marketing in healthcare; changes that we will see in these areas in 2020.
  • The slowing down of mergers and acquisitions as healthcare wisens up.




“Care is finally going out of the hospital itself and I think we would agree it’s about time, it’s very expensive and there’s a certain amount of risk to it..” — Bill Russell [0:08:31]


“The promise of AI is real time culling of the information and providing support to the people who are delivering care.” — Bill Russell [0:15:01]


“In a clinical setting, if we are doing a new drug, we would ask for clinical trials. AI machine learning has that same impact and we are going to be making decisions off of these things.” — Bill Russell [0:15:59]


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