November 3, 2021: When you digitize pathology, it creates all sorts of advantages. Pathologists and laboratory staff are able to send results anywhere near or far for diagnosis, consultation, and second opinion. What are the drivers for Digital Pathology? What are the use cases? What is the future of AI in this space? How does interoperability, scalability, performance and security play into it? Dr. Justin Collier, Chief Healthcare Advisor for World Wide Technology and Michael Valante, CTO Digital Pathology for Dell Technologies join us today to discuss. 

Key Points:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:00 – Digital pathology is an area of pathology that focuses on the data management elements of digital imaging. So the acquisition, the transmission, the display and the storage of the information that’s generated from digitizing glass slides.

00:03:00 – We have a major shortage of pathologists

00:05:00 – How do we improve the workflow for pathologists and laboratory services?

World Wide Technology

Dell Technologies

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