Scaling VDI and Clinical Systems with Sirius Healthcare


Josh Peacock / Kyle Quinby

#ThisWeekinHealthIT we shift from understanding the problem set to a solution set with Sirius Healthcare architects Josh Peacock and Kyle Quinby.  We explore VDI and EHR scaling in a time of crisis.

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COVID-19 Series — Scaling VDI and Clinical Systems with Josh Peacock and Kyle Quinby from Sirius Healthcare.


Episode 208: Show Notes.


For this episode in our COVID-19 series, we are joined by Josh Peacock and Kyle Quinby from Sirius Healthcare to talk about scaling VDI and clinical systems. We are shifting from understanding the problem set to more solution focussed content and Kyle and Josh have done some great work in addressing how to scale systems during a time of crisis. This episode is a pragmatic discussion on this process at present and in the coming weeks, as we look at connectivity in the cloud and allowing more people in health sector to work remotely. We get into the ins and outs of this transition and the steps that Sirius has taken to allow enough runway for these changes. With so many potential hurdles and potholes, it is great to see such dedicated minds applied to the current crisis! Listeners will hear about how they are creating more bandwidth, safeguarding against the dangers of VPN connectivity and leveraging the existing systems into something workable for current needs. We finish off the chat talking about the great resources that our guests and Sirius have made available and where to find them!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • The two prongs of cloud connectivity and enabling a remote workforce in the crisis.
  • Problem-solving in the VDI environment; allowing safe access to corporate networks.
  • How Sirius is ramping up for an increased customer load.
  • Coverage and software for different platforms on home computers. 
  • The multitude of challenges faced currently and allowing more bandwidth and runway for this. 
  • Clinical systems that need to allow for increased capacity at present. 
  • Leveraging existing systems and putting together the documentation for more capacity. 
  • Where to find the resources that Sirius has made available!




“It’s really got to be easy for the end users. It cannot be a lot of steps, because at this point we just don’t have the time to give everybody the white glove treatment.” — Kyle Quinby [0:05:58]


“At the end of the day, we’re just trying to support the folks that are on the frontlines trying to take care of this.” — Kyle Quinby [0:07:32]


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