Developing a FHIR App


Bill Russell / Kevin Maloy

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September 23, 2020: Deep dive into FHIR. Kevin Maloy, MD with MedStar Institute for Innovation walks us through the process of developing our first FHIR app. What are some of the healthcare problems that lend themselves well to this technology? Where do I start? How do I access it? Does every EHR automatically have FHIR turned on? Are there different versions? FHIR unleashes the potential to do things that normally take too long for Cerner and Epic to do. Now we can do it ourselves.

Key Points:

  • What are some healthcare problem sets that lend themselves well to FHIR? [00:06:54] 
  • FHIR gives patients the ability to read their information and gives providers the ability to create as well as read [00:13:35] 
  • Apple Health example [00:20:52]
  • Bulk FHIR for multiple patients is supposed to come out within the next three years [00:22:07]
  • FHIR DevDays Virtual conference