Field Report: Cedars-Sinai with Darren Dworkin CIO


Darren Dwrokin

#ThisWeekinHealthIT Field Report with Darren Dworkin, CIO of Cedars-Sinai
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Field Report — Cedars-Sinai with Darren Dworkin.

Episode 228: Show Notes.

Continuing with our surveying of the field, we welcome Darren Dworkin, CIO of Cedars-Sinai to the show! Darren shares his point of view on the current conditions in LA and his experiences at the hospital amid this health crisis we are all enduring. We talk about public behaviors in the city and how the authorities are preparing for summer, the productivity levels he has noted during this time of remote working and the multitude of new ways that operations are being conducted at the institution currently. Darren shares his excitement about how things have moved so fast in the health sector in face of new hurdles; there has been so much collaboration and innovation in the past couple of weeks, it only goes to show what is possible! We chat about telehealth and how new systems have been put in place at Cedars-Sinai before getting into some of the amazing interactions Darren has had with his group of vendors during this time. We also discuss keeping up with the normal workload under pressure — a challenge for any hospital. So for all of this, and another piece of a hopeful picture, listen in with us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The mood in Los Angeles right now and the outward appearance of the streets. 
  • Productivity levels during this ‘work from home’ period. 
  • New ways of doing things; shorter meetings and check-in throughout the day 
  • Surprising expedience and hurdles in the uncertain territory. 
  • New policies and on-the-spot decision making about the new normal. 
  • Cedars-Sinai’s continuing journey with telehealth and preserving PPE. 
  • Darren’s experiences with his core group of vendors during the crisis.
  • Continuing with the normal business of the hospital in this period and preparing for after. 


“I have never seen LA function in a way that it is currently functioning.” — @DworkinDarren [0:01:32]

“The good news is that the shelter in place and the social distancing really seems to be taking effect and it really does feel like people are listening to the guidelines.” — @DworkinDarren [0:01:50]

“We have really, really tried to get folks to stay where they are, stay in place, work from home and just be where they can be safe.” — @DworkinDarren [0:02:45]

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