Field Report: City of Hope with Patrick Anderson


Patrick Anderson

#ThisWeekinHealthIT Field Report with City of Hope CIO Patrick Anderson.
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Field Report – City of Hope with Patrick Anderson.

Episode 235: Show Notes.

For today’s field report we are joined by Patrick Anderson, CIO at City of Hope in Los Angeles. We dive right in and hear about the IT systems that Patrick and his teams are building out at a rapid pace at City of Hope to cope with the pandemic. Patrick tells us about a system for checking the temperature of visitors to the hospital en masse using a flare camera system, and a drive-through COVID testing facility with preregistration on Epic too. We hear about the challenge of shutting down the extensive research facilities at City of Hope, and the benefits that prior remote work arrangements are having in getting teams and researchers set up for Televisits as well as work from home capabilities. Patrick talks about the rapid speed this has all happened in at the cost of long work hours, and which organizations his teams have partnered with to make it all happen. We also find out about all of the IT upgrades that have been placed on hold at City of Hope to make way for ones relevant to the crisis and which of the new remote systems will stay or go once we reach a new normal. Tune in for more.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • IT systems built out at City of Hope since the start of the pandemic.
  • Solving the problem of temperature checking visitors using flare cameras.
  • Building a drive through COVID testing capability with preregistration on Epic. 
  • How the teams rapidly scaled Televisits and work from home capabilities.
  • The challenge of shutting down the extensive research facilities at COH.
  • Running seven days a week, 12 hours a day for 30 days to shut the facilities down.
  • Work from home research facilities and having researchers who were already mobile.
  • Scaling into telehealth with AmWell from a previous focus.
  • Future plans to integrate the AmWell telehealth system with Epic charts.
  • The value of taking time to scale telehealth despite being able to do it quickly.
  • All the platform-based upgrades that are on ice now while the focus is on COVID.
  • Which of the recent changes will remain once we hit a new normal.


“We have pretty extensive research capabilities in the City of Hope and to shut down and reduce laboratories across dozens and dozens of buildings and thousands and thousands of employees, it was very challenging.” — Patrick Anderson [0:06:32]

“We are constantly supporting our research leadership and our researchers at conferences and doing collaborative work all around the world, so they were already very mobile.” — Patrick Anderson [0:08:33]

“We stood up American Well for video and telephonic visits in a matter of a couple of weeks and we are up to an excess of 300 clinic visits a day on the American Well platform.” — Patrick Anderson [0:10:22]

“Some areas are actually outperforming their work prior to COVID because they don’t have to commute and so forth, and where we have good KPIs, I think we have to take a strong look at maybe reinforcing a much more aggressive telecommuting posture within our organization.” — Patrick Anderson [0:14:16]

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