Field Report: Intermountain Healthcare with CISO Karl West


Karl West

Intermountain Healthcare This Week in Health IT
#ThisWeekinHealthIT Field Report with Karl West CISO at Intermountain Healthcare. Security attacks are on the rise and Drex DeFord steps in to host this important conversation.
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Field Report with Karl West, CISO of Intermountain Healthcare 

Episode 227: Show Notes.

The current climate requires flexible, agile systems to respond to ever-changing needs. While this is hugely positive in multiple ways, some security concerns come with this. In today’s field report, Drex DeFord talks with Karl West, CISO of Intermountain Healthcare. In this episode, Karl sheds some light on some of the issues that they have been seeing in light of the pandemic. From an increase in phishing to having caregivers move to the cloud, these threats stand in the way of giving predictive care promptly. We also discuss how cybersecurity is not a barrier at Intermountain, but rather acts as an enabler and adds to a better product overall. Along with this, Karl touches on their work with their partners, how this time of crisis has shown him the power of intentional communication, and his hope for the systems moving forward. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about the work that Intermountain does, as an integrative delivery system.
  • Some of the security issues Intermountain has been facing in light of the pandemic.
  • Why Karl decided not to do a video call with Drex.
  • Find out how cybersecurity at Intermountain is an enabler and not a barrier.
  • How the cybersecurity department works with partners to find the best, cost-effective tech.
  • Valuable lessons that Karl has learned about communication and leveraging technology.


“Cyber security has to be a partner with the business.” — Karl West [0:05:40]

“We have to strive to understand before we try to be understood.” — Karl West [0:09:09]

“We need to be more vigilant..” — Karl West [0:13:25]

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