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June 19, 2020: Jefferson Health was busy pre-COVID with various capital-intensive and operational improvement initiatives. While the pandemic has diverted from these projects, the organization has risen to the challenge, adapting to the changing times. Nassar Nizami, today’s guest, and CIO at Jefferson Health, joins us to share how they have dealt with the large-scale shifts COVID-19 has brought. In this episode, we gain insights into what their response has looked like from March until now. While there was an initial rapid adoption and scaling of telehealth, remote work, and online learning systems, there is a steadier rhythm now. We also discuss some of the major cultural shifts Nassar has seen both from providers and patients in terms of telehealth. The uptick has been encouraging on many fronts. Nassar then unpacks how many of these shifts will have long-term impacts on the health system. He believes that the remote work model will endure post-pandemic, so finding a way to balance this will be crucial. Along with this, we explore some of the digital and financial priorities of Jefferson and what the organization is doing to prepare for a potential second surge. For all this and more, tune in today!

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