April 12, 2021 – Episode #70
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What is Google doing in Healthcare? Google appears to be trying to make sense of the medical record for clinicians and patients. Making it more accessible and usable.

After 13 years, Google is coming back for patient health records. The tech giant has launched an early user feedback program aimed at exploring how patients might want to see, organize, and share their own medical record data.

The work could inform the creation of a consumer-facing medical records tool along the lines of Apple’s Health Records app.

The move follows Google’s other recent health records work in Care Studio, a search tool that assists clinicians with navigating patients’ medical records. Earlier this month, the tech giant named Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center its second hospital partner, joining the hospital chain Ascension as part of the pilot program.

Keep an eye on the Big 4, Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. They are being more thoughtful and measured in approaching healthcare these days. Explore partnerships but always remember the history and lineage of your partners.

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