Having a Diversity Conversation


Bill Russell / David Butler, MD

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October 9, 2020: Dr. David ButlerCEO of Calyx Healthcare Partners joins us to talk Epic, physician burnout, diversity and running a consulting business during COVID. How are we doing with physician burnout? Are doctors still completely fried? Are we getting better with the technology around this? Epic has stepped up their end user training services game. How did they flip the switch from traditional classroom training to virtual? David shares the work of AMIA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. What processes is your health system currently using to diversify ideas? How do we set up structures to ensure we’re not accidentally missing groups of people? Sales is the lifeblood for any consulting practice and it’s really hard at this point in time. Bill and David spill their secrets on what you should focus on for the long game.

 Key Points:

  • What’s new at Epic? [00:02:25]
  • What does the Arch Collaborative teach us about physician burnout? [00:04:51] 
  • Why Microsoft continues to be a big healthcare player [00:10:16]
  • The conversation of race [00:21:35]
  • Diversity of thought [00:24:41]
  • AMIA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force