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San Banerjee

San Banerjee Texas Health Resources This Week in Health IT
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Episode 173 : Show Notes.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are currently entering the health care provision space across the US offering technologically cutting edge solutions, particularly where customer experience is concerned. This raises questions for health care providers who have been in the game for longer and may not be technologically integrated enough to be able to provide customers with as much of a seamless experience. Our guest on the show today is San Banerjee, VP of Digital Experience at Texas Health Resources, and he is here to speak about the steps he has taken to merge THR with the virtual sphere. San’s method begins by considering consumer needs and then moves on to assess provider capacity. He speaks about the role that focus groups have played in sparking new systems at THR, such as a text-based ED service which has been a huge success. We get into the different industry champions that have come on board to prioritize customer UI, as well as consider some of the other barriers that still exist, with reimbursement featuring strongly. San shares more about other major wins for the industry in the two years since he has occupied his position, and sketches out the horizon for new technologies he is still looking at implementing. Join us for this engaging head to head covering the competitive updates happening in US healthcare today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A short summary of San’s role as VP of Digital Experience at Texas Health Resources.
  • Perspectives on new healthcare models based on customer UI found in retail.
  • A consideration of UI based on consumer needs, provider capacity, and consumer care.
  • Major customer concerns at THR: connectivity, cost transparency, service expectations, etc.
  • Whether health care can match the innovative UI created by Amazon Care.
  • The fact that industry champions are all on board with prioritizing customer experience.
  • Successes San has orchestrated in the last two years: a text-based ED service, and more.
  • How the text ED service came about through focus groups.
  • Barriers to the adoption of virtual care, with a major one being state reimbursement.
  • Logistics and standards around reimbursement practices for telemedicine and Medicaid.
  • New technologies that THR is looking at adding to their stack such as a CRM system.
  • Questions of how to gather customer data and the best technologies to use in doing so.


“If you look from a consumer perspective, the expectations are changing. Consumers expect a similar kind of experience from healthcare systems as what they have found in retail services, financial services, and other industries.” — @banerjee_san [0:04:43]

“Today, I think all the hospital presidents, all the channel leaders, and all the business industry leaders are pretty much in the same place in terms of why consumer experience is important, why should we be driving this, and how they can support.” — @banerjee_san [0:12:53]

“People look at virtual and digital to be ‘and/or’ with whatever we do. Digital is not an ‘or,’ it is an ‘and.’ It is a part of the business. It is part of the critical path.” — @banerjee_san [0:19:23]

“The key question here is where does the golden source of record really lie?” — @banerjee_san [0:26:21]

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