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Anshul Pande

Anshul Pande Stanford Childrens This Week in Health IT
#ThisWeekinHealthIT Coronavirus Prep with Anshul Pande CTO of Stanford Children’s Health. Hoping you benefit from the sharing of best practices.
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COVID-19 Preparedness Measures with Anshul Pande, CTO of Stanford Children’s Health.


Episode 202: Show Notes.


Today, Bill sits down with another health system executive to understand their organization’s COVID-19 preparedness measures. In this episode, Anshul Pande, CTO of Stanford Children’s Health, talks about what they have done in the face of the pandemic. We learn about the multi-faceted approach they have taken, from partnering with the Stanford Medical Center, their adult counterpart to ensuring they have the right testing facilities as well as new internal communication measures. Anshul sheds light on their command center as well as supporting infrastructure. He also talks about other areas where they have needed to scale like telehealth and the challenges that have come with that. There are not only infrastructural requirements but also training and education demands to get these systems working. We also learn their approach to remote work, collaborating with vendors, and the framework the hospital has put in place to ensure safe and efficient testing. Tune in today!  


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Learn about what Standard Children’s is doing to handle the pandemic in their community.
  • Some of the challenges that come with scaling up telehealth: Infrastructure and education.
  • How Standford Children’s have managed to get their networks to stand up.
  • Find out how Standford Children’s has managed remote working solutions and infrastructure.
  • VPN, VDI, and bandwidth: Some of the challenges that Stanford Children’s faces.
  • Learn how Stanford Children’s is working with vendors who face slower internet.




“How are you going to get the docs who are working from home to get trained in a new way of doing business rapidly? How are you going to support the patients who have never done telehealth?” — Ashul Pande [0:04:37]


“This is a running joke in Silicon Valley that the highways have sped up because there’s nobody on the highways but then the internet highways have slowed down because there are so many people working from home.” — Ashul Pande [0:12:49]


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