Healthcare at the Edge: The convergence of devices, data, patients, providers, and care


Bill Russell / Dr. Zafar Chaudry / Rick Allen

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July 8, 2020: Today is an exclusive panel discussion, as part of Aruba’s Atmosphere Digital Conference. Guests are Dr. Zafar Chaudry, SVP and CIO of Seattle Children’s Hospital and Rick Allen the CTO of Navicent Health. They discuss the astounding agility of current technology and consequently the importance of having to pivot quickly to keep up with demands. But what impact does this have on the human factors? Can CIO’s cope with the pressure? And does mobile, cloud and edge technology really compare to traditional face to face care?

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How do you manage the smooth transition of a hundred people working remotely to 3,500 people working remotely almost overnight? [00:02:54]
  • Today’s sophisticated IT can shift very quickly but what mental strain does this put on CIO’s? [00:08:40]
  • Why a CIO in 2020 wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the delivery of care [00:10:10]
  • Discover 3 creative ways to push people into a network without compromising performance and monitoring [00:11:40]
  • The key to supporting healthcare staff working from home? It’s education. [00:16:00]
  • Let IT departments do what they do best, instead of sitting in some basement regulating the temperature. [00:19:25]
  • How to solve IT’s biggest nightmare … security [00:22:50]