Healthcare Digital Transformation


Bill Russell / Paddy Padmanabhan / Ed Marx

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August 28, 2020: Join us for a digital transformation masterclass with Ed Marx, Former CIO for the Cleveland Clinic and Paddy Padmanabhan from Damo Consulting. Authors of the book The Big Unlock. Health care enterprises are having a hard time keeping up with advances in information technology. What does healthcare look like after digital transformation? For the patient? For a board or CEO? What can the clinician expect? It’s about building a comprehensive and agile enterprise digital roadmap. It’s about six steps. Digital strategy and enterprise vision, readiness and assessment and benchmarking, agile roadmap development, urbanization and dependencies, agile operating model and technology platform and partner selection. This is about as pragmatic as it gets.

Key Points:

  • The pandemic is a tipping point for digital health transformation [00:04:25] 
  • Think of the patient experience like a drive through Starbucks experience [00:09:20]
  • The four pillars; enrich the community, engage patients, enable care providers and drive compelling efficiencies [00:15:00] 
  • Become a digital transformation champion [00:22:40] 
  • It’s not technology that holds us back, it’s culture [00:33:25]
  • Digital transformation is IT enabled, but it’s not IT led [00:33:50]