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Bill Russell / Joy Rios / Robin Roberts

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October 2, 2020: Today podcast meets podcast. Bill talks to the hosts of “HIT Like a Girl”, Joy Rios and Robin Roberts. Their mission is to highlight and support women who are making major contributions to healthcare IT and technology. They provide platforms to make women feel uplifted, recognized and appreciated. Bill asks them, what makes a good podcast? How do you choose your guests? What is currently broken in the US health system? How do we improve interoperability? How can healthcare providers be more consumer centric? They also talk about their Chirpy Bird Health IT consulting firm, mentorship, and saying yes then figuring it out later.

Key Points:

  • We have got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable [00:08:55] 
  • Say yes and then figure out the rest [00:13:25]
  • The patient should be at the center of healthcare [00:19:15] 
  • What would you fix in the technology health IT space? [00:22:05] 
  • How do you choose good podcast guests? [00:27:50] 
  • HIT Like a Girl pod
  • Chirpy Bird Health IT Consulting