HLTH 2019 This Week in Health IT

HLTH 2019

Ginger This Week in Health IT

Russell Glass CEO of Ginger Talks Behavioral Health at Scale

Few things are needed more than the ability to talk to someone in a moment of need. Behavioral Health in 60 seconds or less is what Ginger brings to the market. Behavioral health at scale. We sat down with Russell Glass, CEO of Ginger to talk about the industry and the solution.

Noteable Pranay Kapadia on This Week in Health IT

Houston Methodist on Technology that is Improving Physician and Patient Satisfaction

A well thought out technology solution can dramatically improve satisfaction. We experience it every day in our personal lives, now solutions are starting to show up in healthcare. Notable has made a dramatic difference according to Nicholas Desai, MD, the CMIO at Houston Methodist. In this conversation, we explore a tool to improve physician and patient satisfaction alike. I hope you enjoy.