Fred Holston This Week in Health IT

Frederick Holston

Director of Healthcare

Sirius Healthcare

Frederick Holston is the Director of Healthcare at Sirius Healthcare.

• Healthcare Solutions
• Track Record for EMR/EHR Implementations
• Focused Healthcare Sales Team
• Company Size and Customer Satisfaction
• Solutions Integrator
• Significant Certified Engineering Teams


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Putting Sensors to Work for Healthcare

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Adjusting Clinical Workflows for Digital

The nurse can’t be in the patient room watching them all the time. The current digital influence allows us to monitor and learn about care minute to minute. Even when they go home. This will be a huge impact in the future.
I’m a patient. How do I want care? Not just a cool digital app, it’s the entire process. I think this entire rethinking of what we provide, what they really want, is going be a game changer.

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