Leading HealthTech in a Pandemic with Sherri Douville


Bill Russell / Sherri Douville

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August 14, 2020:  Sherri Douville is the President, CEO and Board Member for Medigram.  We take a walk through the headlines to explore topics from Leadership, Work From Home, and leveraging conferences.  Sherri shares wisdom for female leaders who aspire to the CEO role in Healthtech.

I feel like to be successful in this environment, particularly in startups, but also in healthcare, we kind of have to incentivize people to be ready to be wrong instead of wanting to defend being right. And I think we’ll go a lot further. (9:14)

The thing about innovation is that innovation does not discriminate (11:14)


I think it’s incumbent on all of us as leaders. To take our risk management skills. we’ve had as IT and apply them to our personal lives (24:48)


on 21st Century Cures: “So what I’m really excited about, and I’m looking forward to is the medical community really driving around some of these more complex data elements that we need to see. You know, codify it so that we can really make great use of FHIR” (26:41)


on Women Leaders: “And that’s something I recommend to women to do is that we don’t position ourselves as the genius in the garage or the end all be all. We position ourselves as people who can build teams, who can enable people who can develop people.” (27:10)


Additional Material:

HIMSS 2021 Suggestions
Suggestions for HIMSS in August are plans, processes, and codes of conduct with established consequences around implementation and donning & doffing masks etc. For example, bad fabrics, dirty, mishandled masks are bad for all.
1) All attendees wearing a functional equivalent to N95 masks to protect themselves and others; with enforcement.
2) Robust strategy around air management. For more details, I linked to a report here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/sdouville_building-safety-ashrae-epidemic-task-activity-6689177523391229952-snL-
3) Other safety strategy issues solved around dining etc.