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Drex DeFord / David Muntz / Sue Schade

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Live Stream — What’s Does Post COVID Health IT Look Like?


LIVE Episode: Show Notes.


This episode is the recording of a live stream we hosted at the end of April, for which we welcomed Sue Schade, Drex DeFord and David Muntz for a roundtable discussion on what Health IT might look like after the COVID-19 pandemic. We start our chat sharing impressive action we have each witnessed during this crisis as well as the biggest challenges we see moving forward. The lasting financial implication of the crisis and the importance of data collection and systematic adjustment are underlined. From there, we consider what the often spoken about ‘new normal’ might look like and how organizations should approach prioritizing things after COVID. We cover privacy and staffing concerns before delving into the issue of interoperability and imagining a future with a better digital record system. Each of our discussants share some particular insight into areas of interest, showing just how complex this situation is and will be. We find ourselves at a daunting precipice, yet one that offers opportunities that might not have been imaginable without the difficulties we have faced as a health sector and society. We finish off this live chat fielding some questions on cybersecurity and leadership in a healthcare space, so join us for this incredibly insightful broadcast!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Fast action in Providence around PPE and taking charge of the crisis.
  • Measures at Boston Hope Medical Center and the important decision that was made about the homeless population. 
  • The amazing service provided by Aunt Bertha all over the country! 
  • Challenges around adjusting to the new normal, balancing costs, and data collection. 
  • Healthcare pre and post-COVID and the descent on the other side of this mountain.
  • Trying to define the new normal and the priorities for organizations of the future.
  • The looming financial crisis that will follow the COVID pandemic.
  • Weighing up privacy concerns and what might need to be sacrificed in the near future.
  • The concerns for CIOs and better staff practices in healthcare systems. 
  • Ongoing issues of governance in the field and the renewed focus that this crisis has provided.
  • The need for interoperability and better, easy patient records and identification. 
  • Evolving terminology for the health technology field and the resultant interoperability of these systems.
  • New measures in cybersecurity and the IT departments going forward. 
  • Maintaining good management of teams as available funds shrink.   




“There’s a million of those stories out there where people were super innovative and did whatever they needed to do to take care of patients and families. I’m really proud of healthcare and the people that we work with for that.” — @drexdeford [0:05:06]


“It’s a pretty treacherous descent that we’re looking at. I think the biggest challenge we’re going to be facing is financial.” — @BillRussellHIT [0:12:21]


“I think that analytics is going to be placed at higher value and the investment in analytics will be important for organizations.” — @sgschade [0:15:49]


“The challenge with policy is that it has to pass the test of pragmatism and practicality. We have not had a stellar record of doing that.” — @davidmuntz [0:28:46]


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This Week in Health IT Live
We've done amazing things over the last two months, now what?  What is next in the post COVID world for Health IT?
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