David Maddox

Chief Information Security Officer

Saint Luke's Health System

David Maddox is the Chief Information Security Officer at Saint Luke’s Health System.

Accomplished cybersecurity leader with a successful track record leading effective Cyber Security programs for organizations with complex security and privacy requirements. Expertise in building sustainable Information Security programs that align with business goals and regulatory compliance requirements.

Information Security Executive Leadership • IT Program Management • IT Governance • Information Security Compliance • PCI Program Management • ISO Program Management • HIPAA Compliance • GDPR Program Management • HIPAA Program Management • Incident Response Planning • IT Security Operations Management • Business Process Development • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning • SCRUM • Agile Project Management • DevOps • Threat Modeling

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Addressing Endpoint Security Threats for Your Health System

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Securing Health IT End Points with Cyber Attacks on the Rise

Threat hunters are proactive. They have expertise behind them that can help them look in the right place. So it’s kind of cheating on an Easter egg hunt, because if you have somebody telling you where to look, you’ll probably find the eggs. And that’s what CrowdStrike is helping us do. We’re not just hunting. We’re hunting intelligently.
We continue to have and we will always, in my belief, have some kind of malware threat at the end point. So you need a solution that you feel confident in. That can not only detect but provide you the capabilities to quickly remediate.

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