Managing Workforce Risk in Healthcare with RSA


Bill Russell / Tim Norris

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August 19, 2020: Data security and risk management flaws, cyber threats, phishing, ransomware. The bad guys know how to cash in on a good pandemic. With so many people working remotely, they are getting really creative. From a technology perspective, a psychology perspective and a sociology perspective. How do we manage the risk of this new and emerging dynamic workforce? Who is accessing data? Are they legit? Is it really who they say they are? Identity is the critical factor. It’s the front gate. Tim Norris, RSA Solutions Strategist shows us how to double deadbolt, smart lock, alarm and protect that precious entry point.

Key Points:

  • The three major security risks [00:06:30]
  • How to set up your next IAM project for success [00:36:30]
  • Protect credential information and malware threats against spoofing [00:07:20]
  • How do I manage and orchestrate identity governance, life cycle management and authentication throughout the various facets of my organization? [00:18:00]
  • Exfiltration attacks [00:19:50]
  • Most breaches in healthcare originate internally through user error  [00:32:40]
  • Better partnerships between HR and IT [00:27:30]
  • What are best practices around third party access of healthcare systems? [00:29:00]
  • Check out RSA’s recent webinars around disruptions in healthcare [00:36:00]