Mari Savickis

Vice President, Public Policy


Mari Savickis is the Vice President, Public Policy at CHIME. Two decades of experience in healthcare policy with a digital health focus.

Expertise: Health IT, Promoting Interoperability, EHRs, data exchange, 21st Century Cures, MACRA / MIPS, CEHRT, HIPAA, SUPPORT Act, privacy, cybersecurity, healthcare administration, mobile apps, telehealth, program, patient identification, opioids, Medicare program, provider relations, advocacy / outreach.


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Cybersecurity as a Policy Priority in 2021

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Movement Around Health IT on Capitol Hill

There’s a lot of different views on what the future of telehealth should be. I personally am the mother of a special needs child and typically travel two hours to get his care. And now during the pandemic, I have the luxury, is that the right word? The luxury of speaking to his clinician minus having to mask up and drive two hours. It’s actually been incredibly helpful, but that’s only one patient’s use case.
Cyber threats are like pirates offshore. With this analogy it would usually be the US Navy or similar who would go after them. We do need some sort of federal cyber rescue plan.
If you could picture cybersecurity like a door, are four double bolts enough or is it five? The HIPAA security rule does give some latitude in terms of how you establish meeting your security requirements.
Cybersecurity is hot. It continues to be our hottest policy priority year after year. We have a lot of problems. The health sector has been behind the eight ball. Behind energy and banking and retail. But I think we’ve been working hard these past few years to catch up.

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