MD to CMO of Digital Health – Making the Transition

January 27, 2021

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Christina Farr wrote a great piece on the CMO role in Digital Health. Hiring or making the leap, this is a must read.

Not all CMO jobs are the same

According to Accolade’s CMO Dr. Shantanu Nundy, these are the four major types of CMO roles he tends to see in digital health:
– CMO Product
– CMO Sales
– CMO Clinical Operations
– CMO Optics

Mixing two cultures

Dr. Davis Liu from telemedicine start-up Lemonaid said it’s important that doctors moving into health-tech have a “curiosity/growth” mindset and be open to healthy levels of conflict with other teams (it should be “task-related” versus personal, he stresses).

Other questions that get addressed:
– Where to recruit CMOs?
– To practice or not to practice?
– What level of clinical training is needed to go into #digitalhealth?

I’ve found that like other roles, cultural fit is one of the most important indicators for future success. That is, matching the goals of the organization with the hire. Clearly expertise and reputation are important factors, but when you plug a person into a leadership role it has to work, it has to feel natural and it has to make the whole better.

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