Mental Wellness in a Time of Crisis with Dana Udall, Ph.D. with Ginger


Dana Udall PhD

Dana Udall, PhD Ginger This Week in Health IT
#ThisWeekinHealthIT stress in a crisis is inevitable we talk with Dana Udall PhD Chief Clinical Officer for Ginger about self-care during this critical time. Ginger in-app content which we're making available to the general public (more will be added soon): Free coaching for medical front line professionals: Dana's story on Thrive Global:
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Mental Wellness in a Time of Crisis with Dr. Dana Udall, CCO at Ginger.

Episode 212: Show Notes.

Dr. Dana Udall from Ginger joins us today for the next installment of our COVID-19 series. Ginger is a full-stack, behavioral health system, offering care and content of different types to their clients. The focus of our conversation today is how Ginger is doing this in the context of the current health crisis. One of the most important points that Dr. Udall makes during our conversation is to reframe this period as not only a health crisis, as is often stated, but also as a crisis of mental health. We touch on the article that Dr. Udall authored about eating disorders and our guest’s thoughts on simple practices for healthcare professionals in this stressful situation. We discuss coping mechanisms, helpful strategies and why self-care and downtime are so important for everyone. Dr. Udall also stresses the utility of exercise, intentional thought and better communication. She believes that it is only together that we can make it through these challenges and the hurdles of isolation and loneliness need some effort in order to be avoided. We discuss creative ways to combat these issues and Dr. Udall shares some info on the great free service that Ginger is providing to healthcare professionals.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The general overview of Ginger and the services they provide.
  • Dr. Udall’s article on overcoming an eating disorder and how it came about.
  • Important aspects of mental health for professionals working long hours in a crisis.
  • Coping skills for these stressful periods of long hours and isolation. 
  • Emphases on self-care and downtime in order to make work more sustainable. 
  • The danger of catastrophic thinking; keeping in things in perspective and reframing thoughts. 
  • Hitting the sweet spot of communication with a team in order to facilitate calm decision-making. 
  • Reaching out to an isolated and anxious population and the proper support for them. 
  • Creative ways around remote lifestyles and pervasive loneliness. 
  • Open and honest channels at home and at work; approaching issues together.
  • How to sign-up for Ginger’s free service that is available for all healthcare professionals. 


“We offer various levels of care, coaching, therapy and psychiatry as well as content, all within an integrated network.” — @DrDanaUdall [0:03:10]

“We really want to support those who are supporting others.” — @DrDanaUdall [0:06:53]

“I think having access to that kind of on-demand coaching, access to social supports, managing the anxiety, these are some of the main ways that we’re really talking to people about.” — @DrDanaUdall [0:09:54]

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