News Day – 2020 Consumer Survey, HIPAA mHealth Resources, Hospital at Home


Bill Russell

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September 22, 2020: Today is News Day. We look at the 2020 Healthcare Consumer Survey, HIPAA mHealth Resources, hospital at home and HHS on their rural action plan. Is the Epic EHR falling behind? Who’s ahead in the digital race, providers or payers? Does your health IT shop need development capabilities? And how do you solve a current IT problem? Do you run after it and throw money at it? Or do you come up with a long term plan that could potentially reap rewards in the next year or two?

Key Points:

  • Are healthcare organizations just functioning off of financial incentives? [00:05:25]
  • Don’t expect a lot of money for rural broadband [00:10:20] 
  • Deloitte survey: Health Consumer Response to COVID-19 [00:16:06] 
  • We measure quality in a lot of different ways but what about the quality of the experience? [00:17:56] 
  • When customers utilize bad health apps [00:23:58]
  • Really scrutinize any investments you’re doing in facilities [00:29:12]