News Day – Drex and I discuss Blackbaud, Antitrust, Haven and Telehealth funding cuts


Bill Russell / Drex DeFord

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October 13, 2020: Ransomware attacks. What should a CIO’s strategy be? How do you manage third parties? Do you have a critical vendor risk management program in place? Drex and Bill break down the Blackbaud example. Patient first, patient first. It’s always about the patient. What would a health system look like if they actually committed to customer service? Can we mirror Amazon’s principles? Is this even possible in healthcare? Big tech companies are blowing a collective raspberry at the House’s antitrust report which accuses them of using their platforms to squash competition. Hmmm. And settle back for some armchair quarterbacking as Bill and Drex discuss what qualities the new Haven CEO should have and why that person needs to upset the apple cart. 

Key Points:

  • Commercial payers are pulling back funding for telehealth [00:05:25] 
  • Anthem and United Healthcare no longer waiving copayments and deductibles for some customers beginning Oct 1 [00:05:35]
  • Physicians are the biggest drivers of telehealth adoption [00:09:05] 
  • Amwell Expands Partnership with Tyto Care [00:10:40] 
  • Do preventative security measures actually work? [00:21:40] 
  • Atul Gawande’s role as Chairman of the Board of Haven [00:33:40] 
  • U.S. House Judiciary Committee antitrust report [00:40:45] 
  • The Google and Apple monopoly vs the Epic and Cerner monopoly [00:41:00]