News Day – EHR Workloads in Azure and AWS and is Cloud right for Everyone


Bill Russell

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November 17, 2020: Today is a great day for science and humanity. Pfizer and BioNTech have come out with a revolutionary genetic coding vaccine. We also discuss cloud, interoperability, price transparency and Zoom 5.0. In the words of Seema Verma, every patient has a right to know the price of their care upfront. There’s a lot of considerations for cloud-based EHR hosting hospitals. CIOs and CTOs weigh in. Interoperability in cities is improving but if you’re a smaller system you just don’t have the resources or financial incentives. Are our health IT leaders at risk of burnout? And why does the US still have a severe shortage of medical supplies? 

Key Points:

  • CHIME Fall Forum [00:02:00] 
  • Zoom 5.0 upgrade [00:07:40] 
  • If you’re a smaller system you don’t have the resources or financial incentives for interoperability [00:18:45] 
  • The price of ransomware. What security leaders need to know. [00:22:10] 
  • COVID is going to be the priority in 2021 [00:25:45] 
  • Pharmacy drug pricing is a difficult issue to tackle [00:28:10] 
  • Disengaging from work is a sure sign of burnout [00:30:55]