News Day – Intermountain Sanford Merger and Telehealth Video Winner


Bill Russell

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November 10, 2020: Welcome to News Day. What does the Intermountain Sanford Merger tell us about the future of healthcare? Can mergers get too big and unwieldy? There’s been a reported 10% drop in hospital admissions in 2020. What pre COVID behaviors were the most detrimental to health? Will our new habits change forever? Telehealth visits grew by 2000%. Now it’s time to step back and ask what did we really do? Did it improve our efficiency? Did it improve our care? And is Zoom the king of telehealth platforms?

Key Points:

  • What are the nuts and bolts behind a strategic merger? Is it as simple as a shared belief in how healthcare is going to be procured and delivered? [00:03:50] 
  •  We should be applauding 10% less hospital admissions but is it sustainable? [00:12:05] 
  • You really do have to rethink your security model [00:17:45] 
  • How much will health IT change as a result of the election? [00:17:55] 
  • One of the conversations that keeps coming up is telehealth [00:22:05] 
  • Don’t NOT solve a problem because you can’t solve a hundred percent of the problem [00:32:00]