News Day – Microsoft vs Russian Botnet in CyberWar and The Promise of Mobility in Healthcare


Bill Russell

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October 2020, 2020: Who’s the most influential person in healthcare? Is it Judy? Fauci? Seema? And look out. Nasty Emotet malware is lurking. Is your health system ahead of the cyber terrorists? It’s not enough to just be defensive. Do cybersecurity companies have offensive capabilities too? Will it be Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon on our cyber military frontlines? A common issue in digital health is that the health providers and the technologists often live in different silos. How can we get past this innovation barrier? And is the mobile phone the most underutilized device in healthcare? I don’t even think we’re at the starting gate of what it can do.

Key Points:

  • How do you warn others of potential cyber attacks in your system? [00:03:32]
  • Microsoft seeks to disrupt Russian criminal botnet [00:04:35] 
  • Walmart knows that the future of healthcare is in the home [00:09:05]  
  • Is Judy Faulkner the most influential person in healthcare? [00:09:45] 
  • The iPhone 12 is here! [00:14:20] 
  • The exciting promise of Livango and Teladoc [00:17:10] 
  • It’s odd to expect health system employees to also do sales type of roles [00:20:35]  
  • Seema Verma said at the HLTH 2020 conference that free market principles are going to change healthcare [00:24:05]