News Day – Signs of Economic Recovery in Healthcare


Bill Russell

#ThisWeekinHealthIT it's Tuesday News Day and today we see the first signs of economic recovery while examining the financial impact. Plus, a time to reflect on current Health IT priorities.
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News Day: Signs of Economic Recovery in Healthcare.


Episode 250: Show Notes.


We’re back with another Tuesday News Day! Our main focus this week is the idea of economic recovery after the pandemic and how this might play out in the healthcare sector. Our first piece of news we look at comes from The Economist and their article titled ‘Prognosis: mixed – The pandemic will recast America’s health-care industrial complex’, in which a number of high profile voices weigh in on what the world of healthcare might look like very soon. Bill then picks out some useful info from HFMA’s recent webinar on recovery, a must-read for anyone in a health system at this point. From there a few listener questions are fielded on priorities and departmental alignment, strategies moving forward and the second surge. Once again Bill advises a full reevaluation of ongoing projects and some thought to be given to the idea M&As! For all of this, listen in as we share what’s new in the world of health IT!  


Key Points From This Episode:


  • The possible recasting of the US healthcare industrial complex after the pandemic.
  • HFMA’s Modeling and Managing the COVID 19 Recovery webinar and the findings they share.
  • Prioritizing projects according to your health system at this moment in the crisis.
  • Alignment within organizations between different departments and leaders.
  • Integrating virtual care completely and restarting primary care in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Considering the likely second surge and taking this on as a project. 
  • The final consideration that should be given attention; mergers and acquisitions moving forward.
  • A complete executive reevaluation of the projects that were on-the-go at the start of the crisis.




“We are moving from the COVID crisis into a time of financial uncertainty is what it looks like.” — @BillRussellHIT [0:10:02]


“Everything is going to depend on your balance sheet. It is going to depend on your market. It is going to depend on how much revenue you lost. It is going to depend on just so many different factors.” — @BillRussellHIT [0:16:55]


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