October 11, 2021: It’s Newsday with Dr. Justin Collier, Chief Healthcare Advisor for World Wide Technology. A lawsuit is alleging that a cyber incident at Springhill Medical Center led to an infant’s death. A Mercer report confirms that the healthcare workforce is burned-out and traumatized following COVID. Graphite Health launched with its first three organizing members SSM Health, Presbyterian Healthcare and Intermountain. And the ONC reported an increase in patient portal usage. How do we bring clinicians up to speed quicker with technology? How can we make the onboarding process faster and more efficient for traveling nurses? And telehealth use is still surging but patient satisfaction has declined. 

Key Points:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:06:30 – In the next 5 years 900,000 nurses are projected to permanently leave their profession

00:10:36 – The clinicians focus on the patient and on patient interaction is what really fuels their engines

00:19:00 – If I were a CIO today, I’d be planning on a significant amount of turnover

00:21:48 – One of the key drivers of joy is knowing that your work has meaning 

00:26:04 – Patient portal usage is up. Why is that?

00:34:30 – Once the world is healthier, I think it’s going to be convenience and ease that will drive continued telehealth encounters


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