May 19, 2021 – Episode #405
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May 19, 2021: In healthcare, a significant portion of the workforce have to be on site. How do leaders of today support and manage flexible, hybrid and remote work? Our guest today is  Andrew Rosenberg, CIO at Michigan Medicine who shares his insights on virtual care, 21st Century Cures, innovation, information blocking, telehealth and the cloud. How do we take the lessons of virtual care and continue to really shift the paradigm, not just with care at home, but how do we improve capacity in our tertiary hospitals and improve patient engagement in clinics? Are we at a point now where technology is driving the business strategy? Or are we still at a point where technology serves the business strategy and therefore the business strategy dictates the technology? What about application modernization and how it relates to cybersecurity and business continuity? Have we entered a new era in our cyber journey? And do you build your own technology products or buy them from vendors? There’s a reason for both.

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