Optum Acquires Change Healthcare

January 7, 2021

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What does a national healthcare company look like in the US? Perhaps a large payer operation, a technology arm, an advanced data analytics and AI capability, a PBM and a large and growing provider network.

That is UnitedHealthcare Group. Here are some numbers from just about Optum from last year.

1. Optum serves 120 million individual consumers and 80 percent of health plans.
2. OptumInsights serves 90 percent of hospitals in the U.S.
3. OptumInsights provides data mining services and predictive modeling for more than 250 national, state and local health plans.
4. Optum 360, the company’s business that helps hospitals and health systems improve revenue performance and patient experience, now manages $70 billion in annual billings for unaffiliated customers.
5.. OptumHealth served 96 million people in 2019 and increased revenue per customer 26 percent.
6. in 2019, Optum added 10,000 physicians to its network. It now has 46,000 physician members and works with more than 100,000 physicians, practices and other care facilities.

They just grew and added more capabilities. Someone asked me how big can they get? Any thoughts?

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