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May 20, 2022: How do mid-size health systems get funding for investments that will spark innovation? Joel Vengco, SVP and Chief Information & Digital Officer at Hartford HealthCare and Jeffrey Sturman, Senior VP & CIO at Memorial Healthcare System join us today to discuss. How do you narrow down your investment focus? What are the […]
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“The most amazing thing I’ve discovered during Covid is the ability of a large IT organization and a very large organization to move at a speed that I never expected to see.

Phyllis Teater, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

There’s nobody more creative than the frontline nurse who is stifled from doing his or her job. They will figure out a way to get something done.

Dr. Ben Kanter, Vocera

What really drives me in terms of development of the product is to question, why are we behind in healthcare? And how can we get to the place where every other consumer experience is?

Rachael England, HealthNXT

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