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We created a digital services steering committee. Salesforce, for example, is a component of that committee. Then we looked at the different resources that we had in the company and brought them all together, HR, budgets etc. And we put it all into one area and moved it into IT. Then we changed our name from IT to ITDS. So we are Information Technology and Digital Services.

Craig Richardville, SCL Health

AI is somewhat analogous to driving. You can easily drive without a GPS, especially if it's somewhere close and familiar. But most patients are complicated and it helps a great deal to have the support of data science. It's like driving with a GPS to a place that's far, that you don't know and you're not familiar with.

Dr. Anthony Chang, AIMed

Cybersecurity is hot. It continues to be our hottest policy priority year after year. We have a lot of problems. The health sector has been behind the eight ball. Behind energy and banking and retail. But I think we've been working hard these past few years to catch up.

Mari Savickis, CHIME

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