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Instead of reinventing the wheel, where everyone's trying to look at their own health system to harmonize the data, if they could just harmonize it to a standard reference model, that's pretty well defined, then that's a lot easier than having all of them make up their own individually.

Bob Rudin, Rand Corporation

IT has the ability to shift very quickly to solve problems. We are all well suited to do that as IT professionals. But what about the mental strain? We don't always look at the human factors when it comes to the impact.

Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Seattle Children's

I have seen a lot of clinicians retire or because of their own health, withdraw themselves from the community. It takes a long time to manage a serious COVID patient to discharge, compared to what they're used to and our clinicians are just exhausted.

Tressa Springmann, Lifebridge Health

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