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A good organizational governance body for cybersecurity pulls together five or six key leaders that include a CMO, a CNO, a CFO, a COO, somebody from legal and somebody from clients. The chair of the group should not be the CISO. The CISO is the advisor. The educator. They become the person who informs what the risk is and what that has to do in the context of the business strategy.

Karl West, Sirius

IT leaders can have way too many priorities and way too much discussion for way too long about getting something done. I saw COVID speed in the last year and I hope it continues. COVID speed. COVID focus. Let's not get bogged down in some of the debates. Let’s focus on getting things done.

Sue Schade, StarBridge Advisors

In a morbid sense, it's intellectually interesting and fascinating for me to see this time of the pandemic in history, but it's sad too.

Dale Sanders, IMO

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