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January 21, 2022: Rob DeMichiei, Board Director, Strategic Advisor and Former CFO is back with Bill to break down J.P. Morgan 2022. Healthcare is becoming as much about the for-profits, the IPO’s and the private equity investors as it is the non-profits. These worlds are really converging. Providers are realizing that they can’t survive just […]
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When you're in there caring for the patient bedside, you're focused on the patient. You're focused on their outcomes. And you stop and think, why did they come here? How did they get here? What was the story behind it? If their patient journey becomes a downward spiral and they end up in the ICU you think, maybe it didn't have to be. Perhaps the information they were listening to wasn't factual.

Dr. Eric Quinones, World Wide Technology

I feel like to be successful in this environment, particularly in startups, but also in healthcare, we have to incentivize people to be ready to be wrong instead of wanting to defend being right. And I think we'll go a lot further.

Sherri Douville, Medigram

As you’re developing your IT dashboards, quickly deliver the metrics and add the next one. You don’t have to build all of them to deliver at once.

Nader Mherabi, NYU Langone

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