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I think the payment model is going to be the key thing for us. If payers will pay, we’ll be all in. If they don’t pay, I think we’re still going to have to be in. The question isn’t all in or not. And that’s where we go back and forth.

Chad Brisendine, St. Luke's University

Most IT organizations really want to get out of the real estate business and out of the facilities business of managing power and cooling. Let’s let somebody else do that and let us do what we do best, which is manage the infrastructure.

Rick Allen, Navicent Health

The way to avoid denials is to have a world-class revenue cycle department. To me. blocking and tackling is involved but we know not all health systems do it. The other part of it is the cat and mouse game that has always been played between provider and insurer.

Rob DeMichiei, Retired CFO

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