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May 20, 2022: How do mid-size health systems get funding for investments that will spark innovation? Joel Vengco, SVP and Chief Information & Digital Officer at Hartford HealthCare and Jeffrey Sturman, Senior VP & CIO at Memorial Healthcare System join us today to discuss. How do you narrow down your investment focus? What are the […]
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Remote working has been a struggle for our culture in general, because we are a walk around collaborative in-person culture. But this is not just an issue at a Cook Children's. It’s a global issue that we're all struggling with because we like to see each other in person. It’s been a challenge to work.

Theresa Meadows, Cook Children's

In terms of defining a digital transformation strategy we went through and looked at what integrates well to Epic, primarily to MyChart, there’s American Well, there’s video and there’s Cisco Extended Gear. We were actually right on the cusp of putting those in place before COVID-19 happened so it actually helped us to accelerate a lot quicker.

Ray Lowe, AltaMed

How do you determine the right amount of funding for a cyber program? You go back to your quantitative risk assessment. You take a look at your risk management plan and you also take a look at your strategic plan. I actually think it's more a function of your long range strategic plan in IT than any other factor.

Mitch Parker, IU Health

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