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Can we get rid of clipboards? Why are we filling out a form? If you’re a patient you're sitting there going, how many times do I have to give you my social security number? I filled out the paperwork like 500 times now. We just need to be done with that. It’s a ridiculous process and makes our industry ancient. So the blessing from this pandemic is that it forced it out. There was no more fighting. It's just over.

Kevin Manemann, Providence

If you find yourself in a situation where you're having a cybersecurity incident and you're having trouble getting in contact with the right federal officials, you can always contact CHIME. We will help you navigate that.

Mari Savickis, CHIME

It’s amazing how much waste there is in healthcare. And the waste is broken down into different categories. JAMA released a study showing that 20 to 25% of the overall waste is administrative. So if you solve the administrative issues that exist in healthcare, the claims, the rejections, the number of times you have to submit the work, the number of people you have to do the work, et cetera, you’re going to move the needle forward.

Vik Nagjee, Sirius

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