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January 21, 2022: Rob DeMichiei, Board Director, Strategic Advisor and Former CFO is back with Bill to break down J.P. Morgan 2022. Healthcare is becoming as much about the for-profits, the IPO’s and the private equity investors as it is the non-profits. These worlds are really converging. Providers are realizing that they can’t survive just […]
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Moving to the cloud has been a gift. It’s kind of like the house you lived in for 30 years. You thought you needed all the things in the attic and garage, until you moved. Then you decided you didn't really need that stuff. At Providence we’re retiring 50 to 60% of the applications. Determining what can be consolidated or archived. And we've now moved out of 2 of our 6 data centers.

BJ Moore, Providence

One of the things I love to see is servers going away. As part of the decommission process we check for any recent backups in the Rubrik system using the rest API. If there was, maybe we take another snapshot and put it into an archive so that we've got it. Otherwise we just retire those backups and it's done.

Michael Friesen, Cone Health

In addition to the whole non punitive, friendly approach that Geisinger takes to cybersecurity, we also do a fair amount of work in terms of putting out information to help people in their home lives and personal lives with online safety. Whether it's tips for shopping or scams circulating that we happen to know about. We put that information out. So we come across as trying to help people, not just making them adhere to our policies and procedures and whatnot.

David Stellfox, Geisinger

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