Patient Files Published to the Dark Web, Are Your Files Next?

February 8, 2021

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Would you store your personal bank login, Your email login or your kids social security numbers on your health systems network?

Why or Why Not?

Here’s a scary story.  Hackers published detailed information from peoples medical records out on a blog on the dark web for anyone to download.

Hackers have published extensive patient information from two U.S. hospital chains in an apparent attempt to extort them for money.

The files, which number in at least the tens of thousands and were posted to a blog on the dark web that the hackers use to name and extort their victims, includes patients’ personal identifying information, like their names, addresses and birthdays, as well as their medical diagnoses. They come from the Leon Medical Centers, which serves eight locations in Miami, and Nocona General Hospital, which has three locations in Texas.

If people wonder why I’m NOT for a National Patient ID, this is part of the reason.  The other is interoperability.  If you want to discuss, ask me in the comments.

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