Paving a Path to Success as a Healthcare CIO


Bill Russell / Lee Milligan

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September 11, 2020: What does it take to pave a path to success as a healthcare CIO? Lee Milligan, CIO for Asante Health shows us the lay of the land. It’s critically important to understand the clinical space, understand the workflows and really view the technology, from the inside out. What does your team need from you as their leader? What kind of operational challenges will you face? How can you get honest feedback? What should you focus on in order to build a strong framework?

Key Points:

  • Create a plan with the right people involved [00:06:15]
  • Hire a coach. Get feedback from your team and your peers. [00:10:25] 
  • It’s critical to develop relationships and part of that is understanding that you’re open to feedback [00:12:10] 
  • Reviewing contracts. Do we even need it? Are we calculating it correctly? Does the software overlap with anything else moving forward? [00:17:20] 
  • Doing an IT budget for the first time [00:19:10] 
  • How does the CIO actually take a two week vacation? [00:24:50] 
  • How do you manage people working from home? [00:34:00] 
  • Recognize your limitations [00:38:15]