Zak Pellecchia

Senior Channel Sales Engineer - Northeast & National Partner

Rubrik, Inc.

Zak Pellecchia is the Senior Channel Sales Engineer – Northeast at Rubrik, Inc. Specialties: Backup, EUC, Server, Desktop and Application Virtualization, SAN, NAS, EMC Solutions, Distaster Recovery, and Archiving, Strategic Planning, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, Group Policy, Cisco Firewall/Switches/APs, Sonicwall Firewall

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Potential of AIs in Protecting Your Data

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How Ransomware is Successful

We built Rubrik with security in mind. In order to write to our file system you have to authenticate. And our zero trust methodology means you re-authenticate each time. You can’t delete or modify. I think we’re the only one on the market that has something like that.
Ransomware is becoming more and more intelligent. They’re figuring out that people are just restoring and not paying the ransom. It’s pretty impressive how smart things are becoming.

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