Retail Clinics Grow – Is Your Tech Ready for Retail

March 25, 2021

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I’m fascinated by the potential for changing buying habits of the healthcare population. Will the pandemic change our focus to delivering care in the home and retail clinics?

Modern Healthcare did a piece on this on March 20th.
Health systems revamp their approach to retail clinics


The story on retail clinics


Low-acuity care costs around 30% and 80% less than similar treatment at physician offices and emergency departments, respectively
Number of retail clinics increased from 351 facilities in 2006 to around 3,000 in 2020
13.7% of all ED visits are for low-acuity conditions

Retail clinics increase healthcare spending by $14 per person per year, trumping the savings associated with replacing doctor and ED visits
EDs in close proximity to retail clinics didn’t see a reduction in low-acuity care
Source: Modern Healthcare reporting

The number of retail clinics is poised to grow as health systems eye lower cost and more convenient settings.

In Today’s episode I explore what it will take from a technology perspective. Is our technology retail grade. What does it mean to be retail grade. Would you tolerate your health systems technology if it were used to buy airline tickets?

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